NEW SINGLE Available Now! “ME AND MY STUFF!” by Lynda K. Lance


A FEW MONTHS BACK I added to an already long list of “concentrated moving events” by deciding that it was no big deal to tackle another one. Seems that “stuff I need!” is always in storage, but never where I am. Guess it maybe comes from being a little too flexible, or just always interested in something new, and new challenges, where ever they are! This one was a “flight, rent-a-car, storage unit, truck, then another flight” type of get-a -way.


Oh, and the weather was terrible! The Corp of Engineers had blown levees flooding the exact area of Missouri where I needed to cross the Mississippi, and by the time the truck was packed Joplin Mo. had been struck by a devastating tornado. Flood and wind damage all around!


Once I was on my way, I couldn’t help but notice that the highways were full of regular people, doing the same thing that I was! Truck stops and rest areas were full of families and individuals pushing forward. An 8hr+ drive will give you time to think! Then it hit me…with all the natural disasters, floods, tornadoes, fires, job and home losses, starting college, starting over…America was on the move…some not by choice!


I had an old envelope, a pen, and a cell phone that recorded, so here’s what happened! A song wrote itself!! It’s dedicated to all of you out there! Hope you like it!


I can’t speak for everyone else but…


Me and My Stuff…are Gonna’ Go Get a Life!”

See you there!

Lynda K.

NEW SINGLE Available Now! “ME AND MY STUFF!” by Lynda K. Lance